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GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) assemblies are weight for weight stronger than steel and are easier to transport and install due to the relatively low weight factor. GFRP assemblies are an alternative construction materials to steel and timber and has excellent thermal and non-conductive properties.

Fibreglass products have many advantages over traditional metal products. Fibreglass will never rust, corrode or need painting. It is easily repairable, lightweight and in some cases, even stronger than galvanised steel! Our skilled team can deliver  and install products anywhere throughout the UK.

Fibreglass fabrications are manufactured using high quality fibreglass produced from the latest pultrusion process, which offers high strength, low weight, chemical and fire resistant properties. Robust plant and equipment can fabricated locally and delivered to the site in complete form, or in manageable sections for final assembly on location.
We can design, supply and install a wide variety of Fibreglass (GRP) Staircases, ranging in size from simple threshold steps to more intricate high level stairways.
We can work with your basic site dimensions, and using the latest Autocad technology design to meet your individual requirements.
A Fibreglass Stair tread grating is incorporated in the design of our stairways. This stair tread is manufactured from 38mm thick grating with an integral solid reinforced nosing for optimal slip resistance.

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